Everything you need to know about Green Shoots School

Enrolment process

How quickly will my application be considered & when will I hear from Green Shoots?

Does Green Shoots use entrance or assessment tests?

Must children have good English before joining?

Do you accept all nationalities?

Do you have rolling admissions throughout the year?

Do children receive priority for entrance to the school if one sibling is already at Green Shoots?

Money matters

What is covered by the Tuition Fee?

Will I have to pay for anything else?

What is covered by the Development Fee?

When do I need to pay?

How can I pay?

Teaching & learning

What curriculum do you use and how are children tested?

Where are your teachers from and what are their qualifications?

How does Green Shoots ensure that high learning standards are met?

What are the age requirements for each year group?

How many children are in each class?

Will my child have homework?

What learning support is available?

Can my child learn another language?

What textbooks are used at Green Shoots?

What school supplies must my child bring?

School life & community

How old is the school?

Do you provide school meals, and what are they like?

Is there a school bus service?

When does school start and end each day?

Do you offer extra curricular activities?

What is the pastoral care support at Green Shoots?

Is there a school uniform?

Are parents involved in your community?

How do you communicate with parents?

How many nationalities do you have at Green Shoots?