We offer full academic and skills-based scholarships to values-aligned students with exceptional promise

We set aside funds each year for scholarships & bursaries to support children & their families

IGCSE Secondary Scholarships

Green Shoots offers 100% Tuition Scholarships to incoming Year 10 IGCSE students who demonstrate excellence in math, science, sports, the arts and Global Citizenship. We encourage students to bring to Green Shoots their athletic, academic, art and music passions and ambitions to be further nurtured in our holistic and academically rigorous environment.

Lower Secondary Scholarships

These are offered to students enrolling in Years 7, 8 & 9 who demonstrate excellence in one or more of the following areas: math, science, sports, the arts and Global Citizenship. Support in these grades ranges from 30% to 70% of tuition fees.

Our scholarships for the 22/23 academic year are closed.

23/24 Academic Scholarships - Information will be released early 2023

How do I apply

1. Express your interest
2. Complete the application
3. Admissions Test & Interview

  • Like you, we know that quality comes only with the long term investment of time, expertise and money. We are committed to making these investments so that your child can receive the best possible education at Green Shoots.
  • Also like you, we know that not every parent can afford the financial investment they would like to make to secure their child's future. We set aside funds each year to support children and their families who meet our criteria for financial aid.

    are awarded based on financial need and usually help families who are already enrolled at Green Shoots to continue their child's education even if their personal finances change. We will, in some circumstances, also offer support to new families. Please click below to learn more about our bursary programme.