Active Parents

The Green Shoots Parent Network plays an active role in the school community

Parent Network

The Green Shoots Parent Network plays an active role in the school community. It works with teachers and school leaders to promote communication, welcome new families, and support school events. The network is held together by a Lead Parent and consists of class, language, and section representatives who are elected at the beginning of each year by the parent body.


Parents joining the school are connected with members of the Network who share a language or have children of a similar age and can help the new family integrate into Green Shoots and our community. Parent coffee mornings and other community gatherings organised by the network are a great way to get to know other people.


Parent Network representatives are the voice of the Green Shoots parent community. Regular meetings with the Head of School allow them to learn about plans of interest to the parent group, voice parental concerns, and ask questions about school policy. 

The Green Shoots Parents Facebook group is a forum for communication between parents through which they can find out about family-friendly events and community initiatives, share ideas, and learn about local services.


The Green Shoots community is an active one, and events are an important part of this. The Parent Network is instrumental in these events offering support such as creating and displaying decorations, greeting visitors and advertising the event to the broader community so that non-Green Shoots families can join in.


Through its system of class representatives, the Parent Network helps teachers access skills within the parent community and bring these into the classroom to support student learning. Parents collaborate with the school by helping out with trips, reading to younger children, and joining in specific class activities to share knowledge and experience.