Life in Central Vietnam

Central Vietnam offers a cleaner, safer, more relaxed way of life

Quality of Life

Central Vietnam offers a cleaner, safer, more relaxed way of life than the country’s larger urban centres. As more and more jobs transition online, moving to the region with your family has never been easier.  But don’t take our word for it, ask our parents how they did it. Email our Parent Network

Air Quality 

Nothing beats a fresh sea breeze!

In 2020, the pollution monitoring agency,, reported that Danang was Vietnam’s cleanest city, with an average Air Quality Index reading of 57. Hanoi was the most polluted, with an AQI of 107. Pollution in Hanoi and HCMC has become so bad that some schools have taken to monitoring it daily and keeping children inside when it climbs too high, while others have installed air filtration systems to combat it even while they are inside. The Green Shoots filtration system comprises green trees, wide open paddy fields, and a gentle onshore breeze!


The best gift you can give your family

Numbeo, a crowd-sourced global database that measures quality of life in different places, ranks safety on a scale of 1 to 100 with higher numbers meaning a safer environment. It gives HCMC a score of 46/100, Hanoi a score of 62/100, Danang 71/100, and Hoi An an impressive 93/100.


There are no traffic jams on that Extra Mile to happiness

Traffic jams are all-but nonexistent in the central region. With beautiful sandy beaches on one side and the Thu Bon River on the other, Hoi An is the perfect place to jump on a bicycle and pedal: to school, to work, to your favourite cafe, or to the beach. Danang is a bustling city but its forward-thinking planners knew that traffic would grow and they invested in roads and bridges to cope, meaning even the region’s biggest city has escaped the daily rush hour blockages that blight Hanoi and HCMC.

Cost of Living

The central region is developing fast and now offers the facilities and opportunities that are available in larger cities, but still at a fraction of the cost.


Make home your family’s Happy Place 

Numbeo, a global crowd-sourced database that measures quality of life around the world, reports that housing in Hoi An is 48% cheaper than in HCMC, and 18% cheaper than in Hanoi. The departure of some in the tourism industry since COVID-19 closed many tourism industries around Hoi An has brought many properties onto the market and pushed rental prices lower still. Real estate companies like Nha Toi and Central Vietnam Realty, as well as independent real estate agents who advertise via local social media groups, can help you find a new home or office. 

Other Living Costs 

Live well, don’t miss out 

There’s no reason why a move away from the city must mean you lose out on the good things in life. Groceries, eating out, and entertainment options are plentiful and are cheaper in the central region than in HCMC and Hanoi. 

International-Quality Education

An affordable ‘passport to the future’ in paradise   

A survey of CIS-member schools shows that an international-quality education at Green Shoots costs families around half of what they would pay in HCMC or Hanoi.


Moving to the beach doesn’t mean leaving behind the services you and your family need.


Your family is safe with us

International-standard general medical, maternity, hospital, and dental facilities are available in Danang and Hoi An, with service providers including Family Medical Practice, Vinmec International Hospital, Family Hospital, Hoan My Hospital, Pasteur Clinic, Serenity Dental Clinic, an on-call paediatrician and TGM Dental.


All the services you need   

HSBC operates a branch in Danang, as do some joint-venture banks. Major Vietnamese banks in Hoi An and Danang provide English-speaking services to expatriates.


Don’t worry, the air conditioner won’t go off!   

A decade ago, life in Hoi An came with intermittent electricity, poor internet connectivity, and the occasional water supply interruption. Not anymore. Reliable household utilities and high-speed internet are available wherever you choose to live. Free city-wide wifi makes working from a beachside restaurant or cafe in Hoi An Ancient Town an easy alternative to working from home or in an office.


Never a dull moment

There is a large and growing number of cinemas, theme parks, shopping centres, and sporting venues/events in the central region. In addition, residents can enjoy a wide range of day trips, cafes, restaurants, and other services developed to cater for tourists visiting the region. For more information visit it covers both Hoi An and Danang.