Green Shoots is connected to other international schools around the world

Joining the Global Conversation

Green Shoots encourages a global outlook at all levels and this is modelled from the top down. All members of its community know that while they may live in a small town they are part of something much bigger.

Through its membership of accrediting bodies, as well as other groups like the Association of International School Heads, Green Shoots leaders participate in global conversations that keep them at the cutting edge of educational thinking. These groups also offer global networking opportunities for students, as do many of the school’s programmes and courses that promote international understanding and empathy.

As a COBIS member we benefit from their extensive range of programmes and events for students. As a student-centred organisation COBIS student activities include virtual events, competitions and awards. Through joining these activities we aim to challenge and inspire students of all ages and abilities and celebrate student talent.

Links with the United World College Movement

Green Shoots’ founder is an alumni of the United World College movement and Green Shoots have benefited greatly from links with the group, which has 18 schools around the world and is a founding movement behind the growth of international education and an important influence on the development of the International Baccalaureate.

UWC schools have helped Green Shoots to:

  • Develop curriculum and programmes that support international understanding
  • Build governance systems and policies to underpin this
  • Train teachers and leaders in areas ranging from sustainability to classroom teaching

Green Shoots invites Gap Year graduates from UWC schools to spend a year with its students, helping them understand what it means to be a true Global Citizen and to live by the values they have learned during their time at school. The diversity of these Gap volunteers also gives Green Shoots students the chance to interact with young adults from countries and cultures very different from their own.

Central Vietnam International Schools Founder

Green Shoots is a founding member of Central Vietnam International Schools (CVIS). The aim of the CVIS network is to build collaboration between like-minded schools in central Vietnam in three key areas:

- Inter-school Networking and Cooperation

- Collaborative Student Activities

- Professional Development

There are numerous CVIS member benefits to both staff and students including cross-cultural and international understanding and friendship, as well as shared values such as integrity and honesty, through sporting, artistic, academic and other exchanges, conferences and tournaments.

In addition there is shared access to select continuous professional development opportunities for faculty, administration, and support staff in member schools.

The future aim of CVIS is to build collaboration with non-member schools outside our geographical area that will benefit the students and staff of member schools through shared access to the opportunities.