Student Action

Green Shoots students engage in experiences that go beyond the classroom

Trips & Excursions 

As part of their learning, all Green Shoots students engage in experiences that go beyond the classroom. Excursions to sites near and far enrich the curriculum and provide a deeper context for learning. Visits to the many nearby historical, cultural and natural sites link with units of study: Students will visit Hoi An’s Old Town when learning about local history, Son Tra Mountain when learning about habitats, or other nearby areas of interest. See here for some of our photos

Primary students may take part in overnight ‘camps’ that are connected to their learning or to reinforce a Core Value. Secondary students enjoy day excursions that extend their learning, and  experiential learning camps away from school that may take place over several days. Students often take an active role in planning and preparing for these trips. Adventure further afield, sometimes with overseas study trips, may be offered to further expand their horizons.

Service Learning

Student-led fundraising activities, such as sporting events and an annual Read-a-thon, support child-focused charities operating in central Vietnam. Green Shoots students sponsor activities by the Children’s Education Fund, Kianh Foundation, and Children’s Hope in Action

Older students also work with local sustainable businesses like ReForm Plastic Vietnam to raise awareness of their work and build links between the school and the social enterprise sector.