Green Shoots teachers & leaders guide each student toward their unique future


Green Shoots teachers and leaders guide each student toward their unique future. One-on-one counselling conversations, guidance around how to choose a school and submit an application, and support for families, are all part of this process. 

From 2022, the school will expand its secondary programme to include an A Level programme: a comprehensive international programme preparing students directly for further education. 

Graduating its first cohort of IGCSE students in 2016, Green Shoots can demonstrate a clear and consistent graduate pathway from our gates to world class universities via prestigious International Baccalaureate schools in Australia, Asia, Europe and America. Many have gone on to study with scholarships that recognise both their academic achievements and personal attributes.

Graduate pathways Green Shoots international school.
Lilly Jason | Class of 2016
Greenshoots allowed me to study in a bilingual environment, which has been very beneficial for the rest of my studies. I was able to integrate into an international school with ease.
Moved to: French Literary Baccalaureate, International Option at the Lycee International Georges Duby, France
Now studying: Nursing at Grenobles Alpes University Hospital in France
Charlotte Jacquemin | Class of 2017
My years at GSIS provided me with a balance between guidance and independence in my academic work, which gave me a sense of self-sufficiency in, and care for, my education; something  I carried on through my high school and now into my university experience.
Moved to: the IB Diploma at the British International School of HCMC
Now studying: Psychology at the University of Amsterdam
Theo Tran | Class of 2017
When I attended Green Shoots, my teachers pushed me to do better both inside the classroom and out. The emphasis was on personal growth rather than just good grades and this made me want to do better and push myself to my limits in every way. Because of this mentality I was able to strengthen my weaknesses. At Green Shoots I truly learned what a good teacher should be like - someone who guides their students by believing in their cause and understanding that every student is different.
Moved to: the IB Diploma at UWC Atlantic
About to study: Social Anthropology & Development Studies at the University of Amsterdam
Kai Borwell | Class of 2018
Green Shoots gave me the opportunity to self reflect on what makes me special and unique. Through the 3 years I spent at Green Shoots I was constantly reminded of my abilities and stayed academically curious. I was engaged by the teachers and students around me who nurtured an academically rigorous environment. I think Green Shoots was a very special place for me and will be for anyone else who seeks to discover their true passion and capabilities. Green Shoots can help you to further flourish these skill sets, enabling you to transition through to higher education and move forward in life.
Moved to: the IB Diploma at the UWC ISAK, Karuizawa, Japan
About to study: Engineering, Simon Fraser University, Canada
Tilley Dawson | Class of 2018
Green Shoots was and still is very special to me. I learned a great deal of independence, as well as an incredible amount about myself during the time I spent there. I made many lifelong friendships. Green Shoots inspired me to continue my education through to college. I became very close with the teachers and students, who all pushed me to become the best version of myself. I shared countless laughs during every moment I spent with the Green Shoots community, and I will value everything about Green Shoots for the rest of my life.
Moved to: the US High school Diploma at Buena Vista High School, Colorado
Now studying: Criminal Justice and Psychology at Colorado Mesa University
Nestor Olsommer | Class of 2019
Green Shoots’ caring and inclusive community enabled me to learn English, which I did not speak when I first joined the school. The excellent teachers were always passionate about their subjects, enabling me to attain high results for my IGCSEs. I strongly believe that GSIS prepared me for life and made me grow as a person as I was able to develop life skills such as leadership and effective communication skills.
Moved to: the IB Diploma at the Uplands International School, Penang
About to study: Global Health & Development at the University of Hong Kong
Sesame Le | Class of 2019
Throughout my time at Green Shoots, I was provided with an environment where kids my age, from different backgrounds and nationalities came together to interact with one another. We were guided by a set of values that helped us understand one another’s cultures and beliefs, as well as unite us against problems concerning sustainability and community health/wellbeing. This has greatly impacted my later education, as I find it, under the guidance of GSIS’s values, much easier to blend into the multicultural environment of my new school.
Moved to: the IB Diploma at the UWC Dilijan, Armenia