Early Years

Early Years classrooms are designed to encourage creativity

Early Years

The Early Years programme is inspired by Reggio Emilia, a pedagogy that believes children are competent, curious, creative, and capable and that a teacher’s role is to guide and reflect upon each child’s learning journey, not direct it toward a certain goal, and to record that journey for future reflection. 

This means that in their first years of schooling, children can decide which direction to take and how to achieve a certain goal. ‘Self-directed’ learning is key at this age because it helps inspire a love of learning and encourages collaboration, problem-solving and project-based learning.

At Green Shoots, the Early Years classrooms are designed to encourage creativity, which is valued and respected by teachers who create ‘provocations’ for children to explore and build upon. A lesson planned for one day may not take place if the children find their interest has wandered into a new area of discovery. But because all discovery is new discovery for Early Years learners this simply means they have learned something new and unexpected, and have done so by themselves while developing critical skills like intrinsic motivation and collaboration.

Early years at Green shoots international Hoi An Vietnam.