Green Shoots offers French & Vietnamese as Foreign Language options


Green Shoots offers French and Vietnamese as foreign language options in primary and secondary.

Primary families select either French or Vietnamese as a foreign language of study for their child, with foreign language lessons taking place three times each week. Language classes are grouped by level of proficiency and will typically be beginner and advanced levels. Students are assessed by the school at the start of the school year for their appropriate group placement.  

Students who are assessed and determined by the school to require English language support will attend EAL classes which are presented in-class and with pull-out support. When students demonstrate a level of English proficiency to be successful independently in the homeroom, they will exit from the EAL programme and select a foreign language of study. 

Children wishing to study their home language or a second/foreign language of their choice can make a request to the school to do so. Self-guided language learning may take place on an individual or group basis, with teaching offered by language teachers, tutors, or an online service provider.  Self-taught languages are taught during the students’ scheduled foreign language instruction time or after school. While not employed by the school, all outside instructors who are on campus are required to meet the school’s safeguarding standards. 

Vietnamese Nationals are required to take Vietnamese Language and Vietnamese Studies classes in literature, culture, history, and geography using materials drawn from the MOET (Vietnamese government) national curriculum.



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