Primary school students benefit from the academic standards of the British curriculum


Our programme is built upon the learning standards of the National Curriculum of England, and is delivered using the International Primary Curriculum (IPC), which offers multidisciplinary learning through the study of age-appropriate themes and topics. The Green Shoots Primary section is split into two parts: Lower Primary Years 1 & 2 are known as Key Stage One and Upper Primary Years 3, 4, 5 & 6 Key Stage Two). 

  • Lower Primary students begin to slowly transition from the child-led Reggio pedagogy applied in the Early Years to a programme that combines an ongoing focus on child-centred learning with the beginnings of a more structured academic programme taught through thematic units of study and in stand-alone subject lessons.
  • Upper Primary students increasingly learn knowledge and skills through integrated units of study and stand-alone subjects such as English, math and HPE. The knowledge and skills they learn will prepare them for success in secondary school.

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Art & Design


Information & Communication Technology (ICT)

Health & Physical Education (HPE)

Personal, Social, Health, and Economics Education (PSHE)


Values Education