Upper Secondary

Students follow a programme that combines Cambridge IGCSEs

Upper Secondary

Upper Secondary students follow a four-year programme that combines Cambridge IGCSEs (two years) and A Levels (two years) alongside the Green Shoots Global Citizenship Certificate (four years).

Download Upper Secondary Programme - English

Download Upper Secondary Programme - Vietnamese

International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE)

Offered since 2015, the Green Shoots IGCSE programme is well established and has a track record of excellence. IGCSEs are:

IGCSE English (First Language)

IGCSE English (Foreign Language)


IGCSE Coordinated Science

IGCSE Global Perspectives

IGCSE Environmental Management

IGCSE Languages (Self Study)

Languages (Taught)

Global Learning ‘Elective’

Health & Physical Education (HPE)

High School

The second half of the Green Shoots Upper Secondary academic programme will launch in 2024, offering an opportunity for children in central Vietnam to continue their education right here at home. The programme will use a hybrid approach that combines the benefits of on-site and online learning to give students both face-to-face teaching and access to a wide range of subjects and an extensive community of peers around the world.

Our high school programme will be unique in central Vietnam, giving older teens access to a comprehensive, internationally renowned programme that prepares them for further education by developing the academic skills and personal attributes they will need to succeed.