ECAs & Summer School

The Green Shoots ECA programme is designed to stretch children’s minds

ECAs & Summer School

A holistic education provides opportunities for learning beyond the classroom and outside of school hours. Our ECA program and Summer School allow children to experiment with new hobbies, meet new friends, and develop new skills.

Extra Curricular Activities (ECAs)

The Green Shoots ECA programme is designed to stretch children’s minds and bodies beyond the formal curriculum and encourage them to try something new. The more experiences we have in childhood, the more easily we discover what we enjoy and find meaningful direction in our lives. 

To support experiential diversity, ECA activities change each term responding to suggestions from students and parents and to the popularity of previous activities. The ECA programme runs from 3.40 to 4.40pm each day after school and is also open to children who are not Green Shoots students. Activities have included:

  • Sporting Activities: Senior Sports Hangout, Football, Aikido, Gymnastics 
  • The Arts: Choir, Drama, Public Speaking, Dance
  • Scientific and Technical: Mad Scientists, Tinkerlab
  • Games and Crafting: Chess, Minecraft, Sewing, Master Chef, 
  • Other activities: Sprouts (the Green Shoots answer to Scouts), Language Clubs in French and Vietnamese, Mandarin and Sign Language

Summer School

The Green Shoots summer school programme runs for one month every summer, beginning shortly after the end of term (see school calendar for details). It is offered to children from two to twelve years old.

Each week offers a range of fun, themed activities that are suited to the age and interests of children on the programme. Games, group activities, science experiments, treasure hunts, and artistic projects build confidence and expand friendships.

For children who need English support, the programme also builds communication skills through a system of language support designed to prepare new students for entry into the school or to top-up language skills for those already enrolled at Green Shoots.

Summer Camp, 26th June - 14th July 2023

For more information contact us or to enrol your child, please register here
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