Building work begins...

May 12, 2022

Over Green Shoots' mid-term break renovation work began on our new campus. We started with the smaller of the two teaching blocks, an upgrade of the site's MEP (mechanical, electrical and plumbing), and preparation for the football field and running track. Barriers were erected around the site and demolition has begun in the teaching block. In keeping with our commitment to sustainability, fixtures that will be upgraded and replaced, such as windows, doors, and ceiling tiles, are being set aside for re-use or recycling where possible.

Work on the other buildings will start after May in order to allow the current school operating on the site to see out its academic year.

We are excited to share photos of the first weeks of work with you. The site has been officially blessed, in keeping with tradition, and demolition/removal of existing fittings will be complete in the next few days. Then the fun stuff will begin: installation of new windows, doors, floor and ceiling tiles, the transformation a classroom on each floor into bathrooms, and the addition of disabled ramps and safety features. Waterproofing and repainting, inside and out, as well as preparation for our sports facilities, will follow.

The traditional blessing on the site
Reusing & recycling old fixtures
Safety Barriers are up!

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