GSIS Families Visit The New Campus!

March 17, 2022

We took over 90 members of our GSIS community to visit our new location last Saturday.  They had an opportunity to visualise what is going to be created and the exciting plans that are being made.

Our students were wowed by the sheer size of the site, the classrooms and all the scope for development of different learning opportunities  Another highlight was what is being fondly referred to as the “Opera house” which will be our new kitchens/performing arts and indoor sports area. 

We wanted to reassure families that whilst we may be moving to a new and exciting campus we are very much remaining true to our values. Our programme, teaching staff, and holistic approach to learning will remain unchanged, as will our maximum class sizes and attention to the individual learning needs of each child enrolled with us. In keeping with our focus on sustainability, the new site is solar powered and will, where possible, be renovated using recycled and upcycled materials. Students were shown where we will develop gardens in which they will grow their own fruits, vegetables, and herbs.

We are now surveying Green Shoots students to ask what they want to take with them from our current campus and what new things they would like to see. Top of the list to take with us is - our bamboo forest!  We’ll be developing a new play area based on the bamboo forest, a creative and natural place of play for all our students.

When asked what students would put on the wish list to have at the new campus, the list is quite varied, and includes a meditation garden,  parkour course, a cool down room, an ice cream machine, access to a range of costumes and wigs and more pizza on the menu!

We will be hosting meetings and visits for other families in the community in the near future, so please do sign up for all the latest news.

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