IGCSE Results 2018/2019

August 15, 2019

The rhythms of a British curriculum school are influenced largely by the various examination and reporting cycles related to different ages of students.

At Green Shoots International School, we do not use the standardized UK tests on primary students as we feel they place undue pressure on student learning at such a young age. In our secondary school, however, it is incumbent upon us to prepare our students for the world of academic, high-stakes testing that they will encounter through their teenage years, and onward into University after leaving Hoi An.

The examinations build in complexity. Cambridge Examinations offer us progress testing papers for Year 7 and Year 8 students which we administer in class at the end of the summer term. We then send the results to Cambridge for analysis and interpretation and the resulting feedback helps teachers shape the students’ future learning in the classroom.

By the time students are in Year 9, the ‘Checkpoint’ examination papers for English, Maths and Science are returned to Cambridge for their examiners to mark and the results and analysis are returned to us in July. 

International General Certificates in Secondary Education (IGCSE) are the culmination of two years of study, usually followed in Years 10 and 11. There is a whole range of IGCSE courses, and students select their own choice of programmes, depending on what they hope to study later in their careers.

Our Results

This year we had four students entered for a total of nineteen IGCSE courses. While some students chose as few as two subjects to study, others took a whole suite of courses and presented their results toward an International Certificate of Education (ICE). The results are given on a scale of A* as the highest grade, through to E for passes. 

We are delighted to announce that 100% of the students received passing grades in all subjects they entered.  Over 20% of the grades were A* and a further 31% were at A grade. How proud we are to report that over 50% of our grades were A or A* level and just 15% were outside the A* to C range.

These results will open a multitude of pathways for them in their future studies. Particular recognition should go to Nestor Olsommer who collected a total of 9 passes at A*, A or B and a distinction in his ICE. All four students worked collaboratively with Mr Mike on the Global Perspectives course and he must have been delighted with all them getting A grades, two of which were at A*.

We wish all of the students who have now left our international school in the beautiful town of Hoi An the very best and cannot wait to hear about the extraordinary stories you will one day tell us about your lives.

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