Important Updates on the New Campus

August 8, 2022

In this week’s update we advise that, due to conflicting information about the documentation required for our renovation project, Green Shoots’ move to the new school campus has been delayed.  

Early in the renovation process we were advised that the work we were undertaking would not require significant construction permissions, as we are renovating existing buildings not building new ones. This advice was questioned over the summer by a different government department, and so we chose to halt work while the necessary paperwork is put in place to ensure full legal and ethical compliance with the rules that will ensure our school’s long-term stability.

We made the difficult decision to postpone the building work because our new school is a long term investment for both GSIS and its families. As the only foreign-owned and operated international school in central Vietnam we are held, not only by ourselves but also by the authorities, to an extremely high standard of behaviour. After much consideration we concluded that our community’s interests are best served by a slight delay while the conflicting information is clarified. It is our intention to resolve these issues as quickly as is ethically possible so that work can continue and we can move to our new campus without further delay.

A lot of the work that was completed before we put a temporary hold on construction was ‘behind the scenes' work that must take place before other changes can happen (drainage and septic systems, electrical wiring, waterproofing, etc). While some of this still remains, most of what will come next is the exciting stuff that will transform our new home: painting and tiling, outfitting of classrooms, laying of sports facilities over the upgraded drainage systems, putting together of our new Admin and DT blocks (which are being developed off site prior to installation), etc. 

We are as excited as you are to see this process unfold before our eyes as soon as all the necessary documentation is in place.  Shared below are the new artist impressions of the space.  

At this point the timeline for a move looks to be December, with a possibility of October. During this temporary period our first priority is seeing that this delay does not affect our students' learning. Our school year will start on time on August 22 at the Green Shoots campus in Hoi An, which we are working to revamp and re-energise as it unexpectedly becomes our home for a little longer. We will be making use of some of the new resources we have purchased for the new campus and will be expanding our programme as planned into the new specialist areas that will be enhanced even further by our move. The quality of our education remains the same, our new staff will join us as planned, and we also welcome a staff nurse to the Green Shoots team. 

We will start the year with the professionalism, enthusiasm and positivity that allows us to continue to provide the best education for our students during this transitional period.

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