Student Leadership

The Green Shoots Student Council gives children experience in leadership

Student Council

The Green Shoots Student Council gives children experience in leadership and helps them develop a sense of responsibility as well as important skills like organisation and the ability to form an argument and make a case for change. Representation on the Student Council is one of two ways our upper secondary students can complete the Leadership component of their Global Citizenship Certificate.

The council is composed of elected secondary student representatives who meet regularly with their advisor to share ideas on ways to build school spirit, bring concerns to administration, and offer suggestions to support the community through fundraisers and events.

School Houses

Green Shoots houses are Aria, Acqua, and Terra (Air, Water and Earth). Their names underpin the school’s commitment to sustainability while their logo designs, which are inspired by Vietnamese ethnic minority Hmong symbols, ground us in our host country.

Aria House Green Shoots School
Acqua House Green Shoots School
Terra House Green Shoots School

The houses bring students and staff together in vertically integrated groups. They develop: 

  • Opportunities for student leadership, responsibility and teamwork
  • Cross-school communities that unite people who might not otherwise spend time together
  • A sense of belonging and identity
  • Opportunities for competition in athletic, collaborative, and problem-solving activities that are aligned with the school’s values and vision