Sustainability is so much more than recycling paper & reducing the use of plastic

The Big Picture 

Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone else planted a tree long ago
Warren Buffet (Sustainable Investor)

Sustainability is so much more than recycling paper and reducing the use of plastic straws and bags. At Green Shoots, the concept of ‘enough, for everyone, forever’ is firmly established at the core of all decision-making processes. The school aims to create a balance between the different strands of sustainability and between the immediate educational needs and wants of our community and their longer-term goals. Its strategic planning process uses a tool developed by Compass Education to measure how sustainable each action will be in one or several of four compass points:

compass image






Always Learning

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world
Nelson Mandela (Political leader)

Sustainability & Curriculum

Green Shoots Global Certificate

Sustainable Learning

Resources & Equipment


Natural Elements

Spaces & Processes

We borrow from nature the space upon which we build
Tadao Ando (Architect)

It is not just students who are encouraged to live sustainability at Green Shoots; teachers and support staff are a large part of the learning process and are constantly modelling sustainable practices.


Energy & Chemicals

Printing & Product Recycling

Reusing & Upcycling

Single-use Plastics

Food & drink

In the Community

‘Small acts, when multiplied, can transform the world’
Howard Zinn (historian) 

Student Action

Student action initiatives are planned with sustainability in mind. Green Shoots works directly with educational charities in Quang Nam province that provide sustainable education opportunities to the children they serve. Sponsorship is maintained over time to ensure stability in order to make a significant difference in the lives of benefactors. Through fund-raising for these charities, and through ad hoc initiatives to support our community (such as a food and clothing appeal after devastating floods hit villages in 2020, compounding the economic impact of COVID-19 on small communities), Green Shoots students learn about inequality and the importance of addressing it for global long-term sustainability. They discover how to align their actions with the United Nations Sustainability Goals.


Parents are invited to contribute to sustainable community learning. They are involved in the classroom, sharing ideas and knowledge through book readings and presentations on topics of interest around a sustainable theme, and in community events such as our regular Beach Clean-ups.

Green Shoots Staff

Green Shoots staff are also active sustainability warriors. They have developed a freecycle system for recycling baby clothes, and other ‘pre-loved’ items through the community, written sustainability into their teaching practice, and contributed ideas and support to community events. In return, the school invests in its staff to build long-term stability for our community. A range of benefits for national staff - such as an Emergency Fund that helps their families through times of crisis, subsidised family member health insurance, and an on-campus staff childcare facility - means team members are willing to commit to the school as much as it commits to them, which allows us to develop local skills, build capacities, and create a stable environment for both our Vietnamese staff and for the expatriates whose lives are more transient.