Well-being & Safeguarding

It's important to focus on mental health & emotional well-being


Because happy children become happy adults with a sense of meaning & purpose

Even before the impact of COVID-19 closures on children’s well-being, study after study has recorded a growth in childhood and teen anxiety around the world. It has never been more important for schools to focus on the mental health and emotional well-being of children under their care. 

Green Shoots prioritises the development of self confidence and resilience, as well as respect and empathy, as tools to prevent anxiety and strengthen well-being. Physical activity, time spent outside in nature, nutritious food, well-being elements of the curriculum through our Personal, Social, Health and Economic lessons, peer support networks, tutor time, and access to professional counselling...these combine to support happy and healthy children at Green Shoots. 

Inevitably, welfare concerns do sometimes arise even with all these structures in place to prevent them and when that happens school leaders, teachers, parents, and our counsellor work together to identify and address concerns as they arise. Contact us if you would like to know more about the well-being support provided at Green Shoots.


Ensuring that children are safe, secure, and happy at school

Safeguarding is a practice which ensures that all aspects of a school’s recruitment, staff management, student management, and campus security are focused on the safety of students.

Green Shoots has strict safeguarding measures in place that protect students from harm within the community (from teachers, staff, other children, parents, or visitors to the school). These policies and procedures include:

  • Safeguarding training for all staff, to ensure they understand and can recognise risks
  • ‘Safer Recruitment’ practices, that guarantee that all new staff are vetted and have no history of harm to children
  • Strong anti-bullying policies and practices, that prevent harm from within the community and help those who may cause it without intent to learn and grow
  • Access controls on campus, that stop people from entering our school without our knowledge or consent
  • A designated Safeguarding Officer, who is responsible for coordinating all aspects of safeguarding at Green Shoots
  • Safeguarding oversight from the Board, via a Safeguarding advisor who collaborates with our Safeguarding Officer